Great Escape Works - Flip Lines

Oops... I Flipped My Boat

Problem:  You have run the rapid on the right.  You meant to run it on the left...  Oops...  You find that your boat is floating wrong side up.  Now what?

Answer:  Flip Line bags. They increase your chances of righting your boat.  These bags securely hold short lines attached to the sides of your boat.  The lines can be used to right the boat.  The Great Escape Works offers two different models of flip line bags.


Class Five Flip Line Bags

I developed the Class Five Flip Line Bags after I spent half an hour trying to retrieve my boat out of a hole on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.  The flip line bags I was using were shredded to pieces from the force of the water.  The Class Five Flip Line Bags have a PVC mesh bottom.  The sides of the bags are made of 800-denier nylon.  Each bag comes equipped with fifteen feet of 3/8 polypropylene rope.

Colors: Blue, Purple 

#2004     $ 36.95 per pair