Welcome to Rivergear.net your source custom whitewater rafting supplies, camping equipment and fly fishing gear. Our Drop Bags/Under the Seat Wet Boxes offer great storage for your boat and a lower center of gravity, our Salmon River Office provides a great place to take a shower or set up a bathroom with complete privacy. The New Oar Safety Straps are a must for white water rafting. They keep the oars attached to the frame. Roll-A-Table Connectors allow you to connect two or more Roll a table tables together making a large stable food preparation area. Our Table covers give you a flat easly to clean surface complete with a dish drying rack and paper towel holder. Please feel free to e-mail us with your ideas for product or questions.


Remember all of our products are crafted out of the most durable materials made in USA. We guarantee it! We incorporate many new features into our products that will make them user friendly. The time you spend floating is your vacation.


Selway Can Holder



We are working to provide you with more problem solving products like the Cooler Caddie, which keeps you from spilling your beverages and provides a quick waterproof storage compartment.


cooler caddie

The Real Boat Bucket will allow you to bail your boat in a hurry, it's big enough to wash your hair and put out your camp fire. (3.75 Gallons)


You need to carry a lot of rafting equipment to the river's edge try out a Boundary Creek Gear Bag complete with D-Rings to strap on your boat? The Cooler Cover keeps your food frozen in the summer heat days longer. The Cooler Caddie keeps cold beverages up right even in a class four rapid. You will want to check out our Under the Seat Wet Box. It allows you a quick storage space for all those last minute items that show up just as you're ready to float. The box is designed much like a car's trunk if it can get wet it can be stored in the Under the Seat Wet Box, items like pumps, repair kits, extra cases of beverages, empty cans. If you need to cool down beverages the bottom of the box can be dragged in the river keeping beverages cool or pulled up with the use of straps keeping the box from dragging in the river and slowing you down. The Under the Seat Wet Box provides a lower center of gravity in the boat and increased stability. The box also lowers the overall profile of the raft reducing wind resistance. If you need a custom box, just email us with height, width and length and we will be happy give you a price.

Under the Seat Wet Box

Remember to float safely! Serious injury or even death can result if you are not prepared for all the scenarios associated with whitewater rafting.

I personally want to welcome you to the Great Escape Works!

Pete H. Huebner

The Whitewater Answer Book

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